Live oak tree stress

Asked January 24, 2017, 1:04 PM EST

Throughout last year our live oak trees near our deck continued to drop leaves, though it seemed new ones regrew but overtime the trees have far fewer leaves that normal for them at this time of year. We read that this was a sign of stress due to dry or overly wet conditions and felt our trees probably were stressed by too much rain and all the leaves below them that prevented the ground from drying out. We did remove all the leaves late last summer and it was indeed moldy and very wet. My question......does this sound like just stress or should we contact a licensed tree expert? Is there a treatment we should apply now to encourage new growth in the spring and to overall strengthen them? Thanks

Hays County Texas

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Indeed the problem could be stress and the symptoms from stress from too much water is the same as the stress from not enough water. However, I think that the leaf drop is probably associated with foliage diseases from all the rain. Typically such diseases are not a problem on oak trees, but when the leaves stay wet for extended periods with warm weather, such conditions are quite favorable for disease development. We have seen such leaf drop widespread over all the state. So I really think the trees will be fine when they put on new leaves this spring.

Good luck!!