Bamboo removal

Asked January 24, 2017, 9:59 AM EST

02 acres of bamboo to be removed. Does the following 2-step plan seem reasonable: 1. remove the plant material above the soil (bulldoze to flatten the bamboo, then chip the plant debris to reduce number of dumpsters to remove it). Then rake (bulldozer's rake) and rototill the soil to remove the bamboo's rhizomes. 2. remove all surviving plants and cut-down new shoots as they emerge. This process may last 03 years. The property belongs to a 501(c)3 Conservancy in Fort Washington, MD. Would an expert stop by to lend technical assistance?

Prince George's County Maryland

2 Responses

Your plan as described makes sense. However, we do not have anyone that would be able to do a site visit. You will have to contact some landscape contractors that have expertise in bamboo removal. Unfortunately, we do not have contacts to recommend.

Thank you