Greenhouse problem

Asked January 21, 2017, 4:55 PM EST

I have moved all outside plants to the greenhouse for the winter-last yr all was good but this year a rubber tree I have had for 10+yrs looks terrible. Leaves are all brown and falling off- Pencil cactus has a few fingers like that and the Sansiveria leaves are soft, yellowing and folding over. Can you recommend anything to salvage these plants? Ficus, Norfolk pine, asparagus fern, tickweed, cactus are all good

Tarrant County Texas

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Great question, not sure I have the answer though without more info or perhaps pictures? It could be several different reasons that your having issues with those three plants? How was the health of those three plants before bringing into the greenhouse? Sounds like either to much water or to little, are they being irrigated or were they outside? Could be insects? Could be placed to close to or to far away from a heat source?

As I said its difficult to diagnose from your description, if you can answer these questions and perhaps send pics I will try and be more precise...