Exersize programs?

Asked January 21, 2017, 2:32 PM EST

My mom and I were looking to find an exercise program we can do together. I have a list of goals...
Goal one: To feel good and remain physically healthy.
Goal two: Build strength and maintain/ improve flexibility and balance.
Goal three: Gain more Core control.
Mom’s goals
Goal one: Remain flexible and balanced
Goal two: Short sessions that we feel we can work into the routine
Goal three: Be able to run a mile with only one break
I'm aware that there are four types of exercise and we want some kind of well rounded program that we can work into our routine. Maybe even some kind of video programed we can work to.
Alternatively, we would like some kind of resource lists programs like Yoga, Jazersize etc. that would tell us what each one is good for in terms of goals.

Coos County Oregon

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Since I'm not sure where you live in Coos County, I will be generic in my response in the hope that it will apply no matter where you reside.

The best exercises for general health are aerobic, or with oxygen. Those include cardio like walking, biking, hiking, swimming and dancing. Even some forms of gardening would qualify. 30 min per day most days of the week is recommended but longer is better.

To build muscular strength, tax the muscle with heavy weights for 12 to 15 repetitions, up to 3 sets. You could use elastic bands, free weights or exercise equipment. I would highly recommend a personal trainer to show you the safe ways to do strengthening exercises. In my experience, most people use weights which are too light. The larger the muscle, the heavier the weight, so having a variety of equipment is recommended. Some strengthening exercises like lunges or squats do not require any equipment. Ask your personal trainer to create a plan specific to your goals.

To improve core strength, any cardio will engage the core muscles. You can also target them specifically by doing planks (attached photo below) for abdominals, or doing your free weight exercises on a ball that requires you to remain stable. Also, twisting, reaching, lifting, pushing and pulling all tax core muscles.

Yoga and tai chi are also good forms of movement that can improve core strength while also improving flexibility and balance.

Balance often times becomes a function of leg strength. To improve balance, be sure to build strength in the lower body with squats and lunges (see photos below).

Both mom and daughter can use the same exercises and the same routines but may need to be adjusted for personal capabilities and injuries.

For mom to run a mile with only one break, I recommend interval training. Start walking monitoring heart rate to stay within the target zone. When you find your target zone is dropping, do a fartlek. This is an increase of intensity for a short burst, like walking fast or running slowly from one telephone pole to the next. Then go back to walking until you recover. Do this over and over depending on how you recover. Eventually, you can do longer running and shorter walking until you are running the entire distance.

Again, I recommend meeting with a personal trainer to determine your target heart rate range or go to a cite like American Heart Association on target heart rates (www.heart.org). Of course, be sure your physician has released you for exercise.

Nanci Johnson, CPT, is a personal trainer that will come to your home and personalize your programs. Masterpiece Fitness, Fast n Fit and Bandon Fitness in Bandon; Downtown Fitness, Coastal Fitness, Bay Area Athletic Club in Coos Bay/North Bend all have personal trainers that will help you create a program to suit your goals. Any of these places/trainers can provide you with a list of resources in your area.

Once your doctor has released you, you can use some video programs or aps like Daily Burn which gives you many videos from which to choose.