blueberry plant spacing

Asked January 20, 2017, 10:12 PM EST

Hi I live in Sebring Florida. I have 8 acres in blueberrys mostly gulfcoast with some emerald and a few jewels. The spacing is 9' rows with one row planted every other row or row 4 1/2' row 4 1/2 row and 9' drive middle. I'm looking to rip out the gulf coast and replant. Iragation and bird net polls are set to accomadate 9' row spacing. I'm looking to reset in another pattern perhaps a double row like plants three feet apart and 2 foot row staggered. Is that to close or what would you recomend for high density. Thanks Bill

Highlands County Florida

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Hi Bill,

I'm not aware that double-row production is standard practice for southern highbush blueberries at this time. In Georgia, southern highbush rows are sometimes spaced ~5' apart if they're planted in bark beds, but field spacing is more commonly ~9'. However, because I'm located in Louisiana and am not as familiar with southern highbush production practices as I am with rabbiteye practices, I suggest contacting your local extension office ( or Dr. Jeff Williamson, who is an extension specialist with Univ. of Florida and works with blueberry producers (

You may already be familiar with these, but here are some resources from the Univ. of FL: