cavendish strawberry fertilizer

Asked January 19, 2017, 12:19 PM EST

Does the cavendish strawberry require a special fertilizer? The owner of a u-pick strawberry farm made the comment that this variety of strawberry did not ripen evenly without a special fertilizer. Any idea what she is talking about?

Hubbard County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. Cavendish is a June-bearing strawberry. Early bearing strawberries typically produce the heaviest crop of berries compared to day neutral and ever-bearing varieties and require enough fertilizer to support this heavy production. Composted manure or blood meal are known to be excellent for this but other fertilizers can do the job as well. A quick review of research based institution's information on growing strawberries did not reveal any special fertilizer need for this variety.
Cavendish is known to have some white shoulders or sides but this doesn't affect the flavor.
Here is our publication on growing strawberries:
It's possible that the commercial grower had their soil tested and was amending it accordingly. Other than that, we are not aware of a special fertilizer requirement.
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