Waypoints on goggle earth for weed control

Asked January 18, 2017, 8:30 PM EST

We have a 500 acre goat operation located near Lowell, OR. The terrain is on the SW side of a large butte with pasture, Oak savannah and mixed forest. We have False Brome and have been trying to eradicate/control. We need help on figuring out how we can use our I phones and Goggle Earth to mark locations (waypoints), share with others on the ranch. I have researched various apps, searched the web but have not found much that really works. Do you have any information, resources or ideas that could help us? Thanks

Lane County Oregon

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You can create your own map in Google Maps or Google Earth, without any other apps. Anyone you share the map with could add information, if you set up that permission.

There is a app that runs on Windows platform that allows you to create point data to display on Google Earth or Google Maps. It is called DNRGPS. A tutorial is at eXtension.