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Asked January 18, 2017, 7:37 PM EST

I have a big yard on the south side of the house. The yard is about 30 feet wide ( north - south) and 70 feet long (east - west) and is fenced (6 feet) all the way around. and I have neighbors on both south and west side of the yard. I like to put in 6 4x8 raised bed for vegetables and plant 6 blueberry bushes, 2 raspberry plants, 1 persimmon tree, 1 pluot tree (my favorite fruite!), 1 Asian pear tree (3 types grafted to one plant so I don't have to plant two for pollination) and 2 grape vines. My question is how to layout the planting site. Where should I plant the fruit trees? Can I plant blueberry bushes close to the fence on the south side? Should I make the raised beds north-south orientation or east-west? I have read so many articles and watched hours of youtube (only trusted ones like OSU master gardener series) but couldn't get the answer especially for the location to plant fruit trees. Help !!!

Clark County Washington

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Thanks for your fruit tree planting question. There are several possibilities, but please confirm I properly understand layout The 30 foot side runs from north to south and the 70 foot runs east to west, right? Marcia

Yes, that is correct.

Your fruit trees placement best locations should be determined by the incoming daily sun light. My first diagram conveys a simple but important concept, that is that the sun is higher during the summer months than winter months and your 6 foot fence would shield any plantings from necessary sun rays if planted too close to the fence. Observe the sun trajectory now in your yard to determine proper planting distance. This annual cycle is highest at the Summer Equinox and then cycles back until the lowest at Winter Equinox.
Daily the sun travels from east to west along your 70 foot fence line. My second diagram is a suggested layout of your raised beds, blueberries, grapes, raspberries and fruit trees. Here's why: placing the fruit trees closest to the house will allow them to grow without concern that they will shade the other crops, as the blueberries benefit from wood chips - they are outside your raised beds, the grapes and raspberries both require sturdy supports and they benefit from the hot south-west sun exposure, and lastly the raised beds are great for your lower growing summer vegetables. I encourage you to experiment on paper with your own design using these concepts. Enjoy - you have already made some great choices.

Thank you so much for very valuable information. I would never thought of planting

Well, I accidently hit the wrong key and my previous message went away before I finished. Anyway, thank you very much for the answer. I'm glad I asked as I would never thought about planting the fruit trees on North side close to the house. Is it OK for me to send you email directly and keep you posted of my progress?

Appreciate your kind note - would welcome hearing how your garden grows.