Transplanting asparagus

Asked January 18, 2017, 2:41 PM EST

We are in zone 8, southeast of Atlanta. We have had a few days of sub freezing temps but are experiencing very warm weather (70+ highs) the last week. As it is only January we will have more freezing temps in the next 6-8 weeks. We have dug up some asparagus to move and transplant. A couple of the crowns look like they are beginning to bud. Can I refrigerate the crowns( 40 degrees) and wait to transplant them after the last frost?

Jasper County Georgia

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Asparagus can be transplanted in the ground in our area from January 15th through March 15th, so you should be safe to go ahead and put in the ground. The newly transplanted asparagus plants should not be harvested until their second year to allow them time to establish. If you have anymore questions, please contact the Jasper County Extension Office at 706-468-6479.

Take care,

Trey Gafnea, Jasper County ANR Agent