Amarylis repeat blooms

Asked January 18, 2017, 10:22 AM EST

Ii have had several Amarylis plants for a few years. I put them out in the summer, fertilized and watered as needed and have successfully had them rebloom. This year I repotted them agaiin and divided some. To date none have shown signs of starting the reblooming process again. The bulbs are firm. So I am wondering if I should toss them into the compost pile or take them out in the Spring and baby them along to see what happens. Also when I divided them there were many little bulbets which I potted up and I am wondering if those should also be given the same kind of care and will hopefully bloom in the future.

Anne Arundel County Maryland

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Amarylis is be keep going almost indefinitely. As long as you let the bulb renew itself during the spring-summer growing season and replace lost nutients it used to flower, it will last for many years. And, yes, those bulblets can successfully be grown into new flowering bulbs, though it takes a few years to get big enough.

You do not need to remove the bulb from the pot and plant it in the ground each spring. It can remain in the pot, as long as it gets water and fertilizer and new potting soil occasionally. It can be fun to let a couple of bulblets grow with the mother bulb so that you eventually have several mature bulbs in one pot. Quite a show!