Can I apply seaweed and lime to the plot at the same time?

Asked January 18, 2017, 4:59 AM EST

1) My thanks to Rob Blakey for his reply yesterday (concerning pH for gooseberries). 2) I need to raise the pH of my gooseberry/whitecurrant plot from its current level of 5.6. At the same time I want to put a think layer of seaweed (kelp) as a mulch on the surface. I have dug holes 40x40x40cm where I am going to plant the bushes, mixed lime into the soil and then backfilled. I do not intend to dig the intermediate area, but merely suppress the vegetation with the kelp covered by a horticultural membrane.Would it be beneficial to top dress this intermediate area with lime before applying the kelp? Thanks.

Outside United States

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To be effective, lime needs to be incorporated into the soil so I don't see any benefit.