Growing Barley on a small production scale

Asked January 17, 2017, 2:21 PM EST

What are the best varieties of malting Barley best adapted to Western Colorado growing conditions?

Delta County Colorado

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There are a lot of spring malting varieties that can be grown. There are probably pluses and minuses for each variety depending on the type of malt that is going to be produced. There has not been much testing done in the past decade on yield or quality. Most of the commercial production of malting barley has been with propietal varieties owned by the large brewing companies.

In my experience, it is critical to get spring planted grains planted early so they do not mature in the summer heat we experience in late June and early July. In the lower valleys, that would be in mid to late March. The exact date will depend upon your location, but early planting is essential in producing quality barley.