Peace Lily problems

Asked January 16, 2017, 12:00 AM EST

Hello! My peace lily plant which I've had since 2013 seems to have some issues. These are worse than the past minor problem of brown tips from tap water, which I resolved by use of reverse osmosis water and re-potting a while ago. The recent issues are more severe. With some leaves the whole will turn yellow and die off. Many leaves are forming brown ends and edges, which become papery and brittle. They flake apart eventually consuming the whole leaf. Some of the older leaves have dry brown spots too. I have attached images so you can see the issues. I would like to know what is wrong and how to fix it! Thank you! Rob

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There can be several reasons for the problems you describe. Brown leaf tips usually indicate over-watering. Your container must have drainage holes. While this plant likes moist soil, it cannot abide soggy soil. Roots will rot and the plant will start to die. You may want to turn the plant out and take a look at the roots. Healthy roots will be firm and white. Old leaves turn yellow as they are shed. That is normal. Also, it likes bright light but not direct sun. It could need fertilizer or perhaps needs to be split. Here is an article with suggestions.