Damping off using biodegradable seed trays

Asked January 15, 2017, 11:00 PM EST

I have read about damping off but have not had any issues with it until I started using biodegradable seed trays. I had read, after I bought them, that these trays wick moisture away from the soil and dries out more quickly than the plastic, manure, coconut trays. I've not had any trouble with plastic trays and I haven't changed my soil or methods.Caution of which type you buy. Is this a common problem or have I just finally run into a bad run of luck?

Summit County Ohio

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Any time plants are over watered, damping off may occur regardless of tray type. And unfortunately this is a common problem-even with commercial growers. Some times excess moisture on the peat pots will even allow the fungus to grow there and later spread to the plant. It may also be that your seed lot may have been infested with the fungus and not treated.. There is a fact sheet at http://extension.missouri.edu/p/G6570 thay gives more information in regards to raising transplants as well as dealing with damping off.