I am feeling depressed

Asked January 15, 2017, 12:11 PM EST

My name is james.I am 16 years old.I have been feeling this for a long time.I am afraid that someday I will lose all my family.I am not afraid of my own death but of my dear one's.It usually happens at evening or night , and after that I start feeling sad. Everything around me make me even more sad.All the emotional memories start flashing before my eyes.I start crying just for no reason.Please help me. I really need help. Thank you.

Outside United States

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Hi James- I am sorry that you are feeling so anxious and sad, please know that there is help out there. You didn't say where you were from or what is going on that might make you feel like your family is in danger. If there is nothing specific that you are worried about then it may be that you are depressed in general and need some help with that.
Feeling depressed when you are in your teens is not uncommon and it is fairly typical that the feelings come at night when you are alone or trying to sleep. Starting at about age12 there are considerable hormonal changes that happen that make us feel sad and not like our old self.
It is absolutely imperative that you reach out to someone as those feelings can be helped and eventually go away with counseling and or medication if needed. Start with talking to your parents if you are comfortable or If you are in school, find a teacher or counselor you can talk to. If you belong to a church perhaps your minister or church elder can help. There are hotlines in the US and probably other countries I am just not sure where you are located. Whatever you do please reach out! Those feelings do not need to be an every day occurrence or define you.
If you reach out and don't feel heard reach out again until you find the right person. The teen years can be tough but they can also be a great time for learning and growing. Please James, reach out for help to a person or an agency near you.