Is this Ganoderma zonatum (butt rot) on my tree?

Asked January 14, 2017, 5:11 PM EST

A friend of mine thinks that the trees in my back yard have the butt rot fungus and that it could be a big problem. I just bought this house a month ago, so this is pretty concerning. Do you have any insights? Should I be worried? If it is a problem, what is the level of urgency? Thanks so much!

Linn County Oregon

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The two photos of a dark cinnamon-colored fungus probably represent Phaeolus schwinitzii, which is a butt-rot of conifers. I don't think the photo of the bracket on the bark is the same thing, but it too is a wood-rotter of some kind. I would need to examine them microscopically to have an absolutely positive identification to species.