Fig Tree in back yard

Asked January 12, 2017, 11:15 PM EST

We moved into our house in Bowie,MD in May 2016. during the summer a fig tree in our back yard came with the house. We didn't know it was a fig tree until it bloomed and became enormous and flowered at least 100 figs. unfortunately, we don't how to care for it. We are hoping to fix up the backyard to grow vegetables and hers in raised beds and would like to move the fig tree to another spot in the back or front yards, and need advice because we want the tree to survive in a new spot. we appreciate any info your experts may provide as to how to best handle this situation. thank you.

Prince George's County Maryland

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You are so lucky!
It is not always easy to grow figs in Maryland, where they are marginally hardy.
You must have the perfect spot. It's probably not possible to move your tree/shrub, and given how happy it is, we wouldn't recommend it.
However, you could try growing a new one from a root sucker.
Here is our fig page that contains helpful information:

Here too is a great resource from the GrowIt EatIt portion of our website to help with your new vegetable garden:

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