Hunting for someone else

Asked January 12, 2017, 8:10 AM EST

I recently had the question come up in conversation, "if I buy someones tag to have them go kill a deer for me, and pay them, is it illegal?" I said you cannot pay someone to hunt for you, and you cannot sell venison in Michigan as this was my understanding of the law. Am I correct or is there a law that I'm not finding? I have more than a few people convinced that you can pay someone else to hunt for you. One thing a person said, "well I'm not paying for the venison, I'm paying for them to process it for me". I am under the impression from my 20+ years hunting and reading the books every year that, that is also illegal. Any insite or links to the laws about this topic would be great

Oakland County Michigan wildlife hunting

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It's an interesting question! I suspect the answer varies by state. Rather than give you a false interpretation, I suggest you go right to Michigan wildlife law enforcement:

For general enforcement questions,
or phone 517-284-6000.

I'd love to hear the answer if you find out!