Asked January 11, 2017, 10:59 AM EST

How do we get rid of moles that have taken over our front yard? Will the winter cold weather chase them away?

Prince George's County Maryland moles lawn moles in winter

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Moles are inactive in cold winter weather, but they are native to Maryland and stay here year round.

Moles are beneficial because they aerate your soil (plant roots must have oxygen to survive) and eat many lawn insect pests. Research has proven that you cannot get rid of moles by applying a grub control product, because they simply eat other things.

Moles do not chew on roots, eat grass, or damage plants, and they live in an area for a while, then move on. They are solitary, though it may look like you have more than one! Almost all the tunnels you see will be used by the mole only once. (It lives in a short den area.) You can collapse all the tunnels and they will not pop back, except in one spot where the mole is active. You can put a mole trap there. A harpoon trap works well, but could be deadly to small pets.

The easiest approach is to tolerate a bit of disruption and wait for the mole to leave.

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