Please recommend the top 5 research publications on growing apple mint?

Asked January 10, 2017, 4:57 PM EST

Dear sir or madam- I am trying to grow a few acres of apple mint in Western Kansas. This varietal is also sometimes called Palestinian mint. The winds are constant and strong in Kansas. The humidity is lower than in Oregon, but presumably the growing season is longer, assuming the crop is watered during the driest months. I have little experience in agriculture. We have speculated that the equipment used to harvest the main crop in Kansas, wheat, could also be used to harvest mint. Perhaps the mint oil would gum up the harvesters. Also, the farmer in Oregon who failed us two summers in a row told us that few herbicides are FDA-approved for harvesting apple mint. Our crop was destroyed in the summer of 2015 by the rust fungus. Possibly the lower natural humidity of Kansas keeps rust from being a problem. In any case, I have a hundred questions but a lot of Kansas-grown perseverance. It may be easier to hire a consultant that you could recommend. In addition to replying to, please copy on any replies. Regards, John R. Comeau

Sedgwick County Kansas mint

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I am not familiar with any research done on this plant. Our herb professor retired and won't be replaced due to budget cuts.
I would suggest you contact the Great Plains Herb Growers.
I would suggest you start very small to develop a workable growing strategy . I'm not sure you can keep up with the moisture demands of the crop.