Is there any ongoing research to control/kill stink bugs? Where can I get any...

Asked January 9, 2017, 4:28 PM EST

Is there any ongoing research to control/kill stink bugs? Where can I get any recent literature on this subject. Thank you. Arlene

Summit County Ohio

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I am assuming several things with this answer, the first being you are concerned about them in your home. The second is that they are the brown marmorated stink bug-a relative new-comer to our area that is using your home for an over wintering site. Ohio State has a fact sheet with good information at . Other university research based information can be found at and They all state to mechanically prevent entry and not to use insecticides in the home. This last one does describe a light trap that can be used once they are inside. I hope this helps. let me know if my assumptions were wrong and you need more information

Yes - your assumption is correct. The stink bugs are in my home. In the Spring and Fall, they are mostly on my patio sliding door, inside and out. Now they are inside on the second floor, usually in the guest bedroom and master bedroom - larger than the ones during the summer. I'm finding usually 1 or 2 a day which I catch and send down the toilet. I can't find any entry point. Any other suggestions? Will they all leave the home in the spring and how do they get out of the home?

You mention them being larger, which makes me wonder if they might be the western conifer-seed bug -see
If you have evergreens around your house, I'll bet on the latter. Regardless, neither can complete their life cycle if they stay inside. So they either go out the way they came in or die in the wall voids or attic. Having personal experience with the seed bugs, you don't need much of an entry point , as I know they simply slip in when we open the door. Their numbers tend to fluctuate from year to year it seems dependent on the amount of pollen production

the latter

Thanks for the last thought - they are definitely not seed bugs. Wish they would hiberate and not appear on the walls every day. Once they leave or die in the Spring, I'll be checking again for signs of entry. Thanks again for all the links to literature. Hope they find something to kill them soon. Arlene