can you tell me what spider this is?

Asked January 8, 2017, 5:23 PM EST

A cousin of mine is currently in the hospital with a week old spider bite, from the looks of it, the venom is eating away at the skin, the spider is roughly the size of a pinky finger nail and black and grey, she got bit in Britain, as far as I knew there wasn't a spider in Britain that caused this reaction so I would really like your help.
the following picture is of the spider and the bite it's a little graphic but I thought if you saw the bite it would help you figure out the species.

Outside United States

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There can be individual reaction to spider bites similar to some people reacting to bee stings and other people do not. Your friend needs to see a doctor to make a more detailed assessment of the wound. Secondary infections are a real possibility.

Since this spider was in Britain and I do not have the animal in hand to look more closely at it, you should contact someone in Britain who may be more familiar with spiders in that area. The doctor should be made aware of the origin of the bite.

Spider venom contains enzymes that digest their prey before they consume them. This can also occur when people get bit by a spider so your initial assessment is close to what is probably happening.

The image is not bad but eye pattern and a couple of other characteristics are important in identifying an unfamiliar spider. Someone who has experience with this species in Britain might site recognize it.