Wood mites cat mites me mites

Asked January 7, 2017, 5:22 AM EST

I just moved into an apartment about 5 weeks ago. Within the first few weeks I started noticing that my kitchen floor would change in appearance. A week after that I got really bad dry skin after scrubbing the floors with ammonia and water. I later developed a tunnel in my finger and now have mites living under my skin. They eat the food I give my cat and also are in her skin I see woodwork change and pieces fall off or turn to dusting have tried everything to get this under control but I can't even find out what it is. I've taken my cat to the vet and they see nothing I went to the er and the doctor sent in a psychiatrists. He didn't even take a scraping. I it seems like they were coming from where the steam heat is ran and I tried using foam insulator to seal the opening for the radiators steam pipe but what ever it is just moved through it taking bits of foam throughout the apartment. I've tried pesticides and I've tried fungicides and neither do much but pass it off. Sometimes it attacks my cat and her fur turns a reddish black and she freaks out screaming. I've been attacked a few times and it feels like I'm being electrified and we'll filled up... I have a couple house plants that are somewhat affected by it. Their dirt "bites" they also tear through plastic bags and survive boiling. The only thing I have found that helps a little is showering with lice shampoo. What is it and how do I get rid of it. I live in a 200 year old house. My landlord thinks I'm making it up or on drugs. And I can't tell anyone because nobody notices it but me my cat and one of my friends that gets attacked by it even worse than me. Thanks.


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I know of no pest that fits your description. You might try glue traps to see if you can catch some of the critters to help with the identification.

Really. Maybe I'm dealing with several pests? But the Burrows in my skin and on the wood and on my cat all look the same. If anyone has more info please please tell me. It is getting worse and I'm afraid it's going to kill me or my cat. It hates eucalyptus mint Vicks vapor rub menthol tea tree oil and ammonia but doesn't die just goes into attack mode. It also eats what is in my cats litter box and can't burrow through metal. It pits glass making it look frosted. Could it be chemical? It has such strange behavior and it comes and goes now but is always following me unless I get in a car go somewhere for a few days then come back. Then it takes a couple days to recognize me I guess then it goes into attack mode again.

Basic principle of pest control is to identify the pest. You must trap an identifiable sample of the pest for us to diagnose and recommend a treatment. Have you talked to your general practice doctor? Have you contacted a pest control business to diagnose the problem onsite? There is not much that we can do though this media to do much for you. You will need to take pictures of the critter and the damage that we can identify.

The photos are attached and the pest is so small I don't have an electronic microscope. They are small and hard like salt or sand. And of fish white. I would need a microscope to get any details.

You will need to take this to you health professional. We cannot diagnose what we cannot see.