treating ice dams with steam

Asked January 6, 2017, 11:00 PM EST

We are experiencing abnormally low temperatures and high levels of snow in the Boise area right now. Many of us have had ice dams occur on our roofs, a winter problem that we have never experienced before. A local tree tree contractor says that with his hot water/steam equipment he can get rid of the ice dams and unclog the ice filled gutters on our house quickly. I have not seen this method of treating ice dams inb the "old house" literature or websites so I am concerned that this method may have some bad side effects making the treatment worse than the problem. Any opinions on this ice dam "cure"?

Ada County Idaho

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Using hot water or steam to melt the ice should be fine. Melt the ice so the water can run away from the house through the down spouts and gutter is suggested.