soil problem

Asked January 6, 2017, 8:11 AM EST

My soil is literally like dark baby powder. When putting in a fence it would fill the holes back before we could put the post in. very powdery and very dry soil makes it hard to grow anything. I can"t even grow good weeds.What can I plant here?

Meeker County Minnesota soils horticulture

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It would be good to get a soil test to see what nutrients are lacking. However, from your description, it would seem your soil does not have enough organic material. Organics (compost) bind the soil somewhat but also help it maintain moisture. You probably need to dig in several inches of good compost along with well rotted manure for a start. Here is a link to our publication on soil: It also contains a link to the Soil Testing lab which will give you directions on how to take a soil sample, where to send it, etc.