Palm or tropical plants

Asked January 5, 2017, 11:49 AM EST

I would like to put some type of palm tree or like looking palm around my pool area. What type of tropical/Palm looking tree do you suggest in my area. I live on the border of Wilmimgton/Hockesin area. Thanks

New Castle County Delaware

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There are some palm trees that are marginally hardy in our growing zone, but they require protection in the winter and extra mulching. Even so, with one real cold snap, your investment will be gone. For more carefree plants, you might consider Yuccas. There are quite a few that are hardy here and they come in various heights. Check with a local garden center to see what is available. The other option is to plant a palm (or a banana) tree in a pot and move it indoors for the winter. Good luck with your tropical pool setting!

Would just like to add that your best bet may be a hardy banana plant Japanese Fiber Banana (Musa basjoo) in large heavy wheeled planters during the season and then move them to a cool garage for the winter after the tops are killed by frost. Potted Cannas, Lantana and the new "sun tolerant" Coleus varieties in pots or in-ground planters would add color. You might be interested in attended our Master Gardener Broadleaf Evergreen Workshop on January 18 for further information and assistance. A workshop that specifically addresses planting to create the "tropical look" will be presented at Bear Library at 2pm on May 21
scroll forward to May and put your pointer on Zone Busting Gardens on the 21st.

Thank you very much.