Storage of Cala Lily Bulbs

Asked January 4, 2017, 4:47 PM EST

Currently my Cala Lily bulbs are in my basement, stored in paper bags filled with peat moss. Seems a little warm down there - probably 60 degrees. Would it be better if I stored them on a shelf in my unheated garage? Periodically I check to make sure the bulbs are not drying out too much and mist them a bit, if necessary. Before i got to CO, I had a garage where i stored them that stayed around 40-50 degrees.

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All of the reference materials I searched suggested 40-50 or 50-60 degree ranges for storing your calla lily bulbs. If you have a temperature gauge, you might place that downstairs in your basement for an accurate temperature reading. If the basement has a walk out door or windows, then you can place the bulbs closer to the windows or doors if the temperature is above 60 degrees. Here in Colorado, the temperature in your garage will most likely fall below 40 degrees unless it is well insulated and heated, so I would not advise storing the bulbs in the garage.

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