physical reaction from a neutral stimulus that had been conditioned to you by yourself

Asked January 3, 2017, 8:35 PM EST

classical conditioning proves that a neutral stimulus can cause a physical reaction, but that is only when it is done to someone who is not aware of the "unreal connection" beween the neutral stimulus to the unconditioned stimulus(the object or thing that causes the physical reaction), is it possible to create a physical reaction in your own body by sensing the neutral stimulus(that you yourself created with full awareness) which appeared everytime when the unconditioned stimulus caused physical reaction in your body. This does not have to be only as a result of a conditioning, my question is in general whether it is caused by EMOTIONAL MEMORY or anything else that might trigger a physical reaction by a neutral stimulus, For example : if i am getting scared repeatedly for a very long time and at the moment of my frighten or scare I will pull out of my pocket an object with a strong smell and sniff it, will my body react the same or similar when i will smell the object in a calm enviorment(i am not getting scared nor fearing anything). according to that example , my main question of the physical reaction is the release of adrenaline and cause of stress by the smell of the object

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