Asked January 3, 2017, 8:47 AM EST

What do you recommend for vaccines for chickens? We are slowly losing our flock. First they either go lame or start dropping one wing. They lose weight and have diarrhea. After a few weeks they weaken and die. I took 2 stool culture swabs to the vet to get sent off for testing and hopefully will learn this week what is going on. Is anyone else in the county having this problem? Thanks in advance, any advice is welcome.

Barren County Kentucky

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I've heard that some producers were having problems in the early fall. As far as recommendations go, I legally can't give recommendations on specific animal health protocol as I am not a vet. I would suggest you talk with your vet and follow his or her recommendations. If you still have questions, I will attempt to find an extension vet who specializes in poultry. Sorry I can't be more helpful