Nutria poop in very small pond

Asked January 2, 2017, 2:34 PM EST

We have a very small pond - 48" x 32" x 32" deep and have been finding an increasing number of nutria poops in the water every day. At first we thought they were slugs, but did a search and they're definitely nutria poop.
We have about 15 goldfish in the pond, and a filter. We scoop the poop out every morning but the water is now very, very dirty. Is there anything effective we can do to discourage them? We've had a pond for years and never had any issues other than the occasional raccoon or possum, but we are a block from Amazon creek and since the weather has been so crazy and the creek has been so high, I'm guessing they've been forced out of their burrow.


Lane County Oregon

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those critters are a pain in the butt. If you're in town, you can't shoot the boogers....and they aren't real afraid of people if you press them. They don't like cat poop. If you have a kitty litter box, you could spread some of that around. Dog poop the same, but not as effective as the cats. Of course, that messes it up for anyone and everything. The weather has pushed them out of wherever they called home. You can bait them: put some apples or something away from the pond near another water source (if there is one). Basically, you'll probably have to wait them out. You could call the county trapper (Linn Co has one, but not sure about Lane and I'm not sure if they work in an urban growth boundary). Look under county services. If not, write me again for plan Z :)

Thanks, Steve, We tried putting a frame over it with plastic netting, but they just got underneath. The pond was so dirty yesterday that we drained it - and I'm glad we did. Our 13 goldfish would not have survived anymore fouling of the water. We put them in the house in an aquarium for the winter. It was pretty a pretty drastic move but we were saving lives! ; ) Lat night the nutria were back, but didn't have anywhere to play, since the pond was empty. We yelled and they waddled off Next step: getting a dog. I hope they're gone by spring or we may be looking for plan Z. Stay warm, Amber

just an FYI: the goldfish will survive. You literally cab freeze them and they'll survive. A little nut crap isn't going to harm them. I would have mentioned netting/fencing, but that doesn't work. And they can be pretty rough on a dog, so be careful. I can't count the number of them I've eliminated, via dogs, guns, trapping, etc.....