Bird resistant rasberries

Asked January 1, 2017, 10:53 PM EST

Hi! Can you please recommend a bird resistant raspberry? Can you also confirm if Anne is bird resistant. It's more peach color than yellow so I wasn't sure. Thanks!

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

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In the university extension publications and in a search of growers, I can't find mention of a bird resistant raspberry cultivar. However, there is bird netting available. One way to protect your plants from birds is to build a PVC high tunnel or hoop house over the plants and attach the netting to the hoops. The high tunnel should be tall enough so you can enter to maintain the plants. There are many designs on the internet for building a high tunnel using inexpensive PVC pipe. We've used in and find it very effective. It's also possible to cover the hoops with a finer row cover material that can exclude adult Japanese beetles.