Regarding Neem Tree availability in Austin, TX

Asked December 31, 2016, 8:52 PM EST

I am interested in growing a neem tree in my backyard. Would you know where to buy one? I would appreciate if you can send me a few contacts who might help me.



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Good morning Srini! I have emailed a couple of Travis County Master Gardeners who grow a large variety of interesting trees, to ask if they know of a local source for Azadirachta indica trees. I will let you know if they respond and what they recommend. In the meantime, I would suggest calling around to local independent nurseries in Austin and ask around. There is a list of local nurseries in the back of our Garden Guide for Austin and Vicinity, if you have a copy of that (; if you don't, there is an abbreviated list at the link above. Good luck in your search! Caroline

Hi Srini - I heard back from one of the master gardeners I emailed about your question. He reports that Neem is a tropical tree that must be protected from winter cold and it is not carried by Austin-area nurseries. Sorry we do not have better news for you. Caroline