How do I get rid of these bugs?

Asked December 31, 2016, 3:43 PM EST

Have tiny non flying bugs with hard shell keep appearing on stove top. Stove clean. Maybe coming thru exhaust fan?

Dallas County Iowa

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Thank you for your question. I'm sorry for the delay in response. Please provide more information so that we may help you figure out your issue.
Have you checked out your exhaust fan vent - that does sound like a potential route. Does it have a tight seal on the outside when it is not in use? Do you see any signs of the insects on the outside or in the vent pipe?
Do you have a picture to submit and a detailed description of the insect and its behavior? Such as:

  • You might put something like a coin next to one to provide scale.
  • color?
  • do they move about? do they cluster?
  • do you see them anywhere other than your stove?
  • when do they show up - at all times of day and night?
  • do they seem to be attracted to anything?