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Asked December 31, 2016, 8:05 AM EST

Hello, I'm planning on acquiring a horse in the next 12-18 months. I've been planning this for several years and have been collecting information from my trainers to insure I'm developing a realistic budget. I'd like to get your thoughts on what I should expect to pay for regular routine expenses when s/he arrives, outside of the purchase cost. Assume the following about my new family member: Will be a light to medium build, between 15.2-16.2 HH Boarded (full) in the Crownsville/ Annapolis/ Harwood area in Anne Arundel County Will leave the barn regularly to school/clinic and compete in local and regional events/horse trials/shows I'd appreciate an itemized breakdown of expenses, please, so I can compare what I've heard with your opinions line for line. Please be sure to include information about the cost of insurance in your calculations. Thanks!

Anne Arundel County Maryland horses

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Congratulations on your decision to purchase a new horse. There are some great general resources out there for you to read on the cost of horse ownership. The discuss many of the expenses that you'll encounter with your new horse. Here are a few:

In the area you are boarding, you may see board charges to be between $450 and $700 per month depending on the amenities. Facilities with indoor arenas may be more than $700 per month. Farriers in the area tend to charge between $40-70 to trim your horses hooves every 6-8 weeks. For 4 shoes, plan on between $200-250 every 6-8 weeks. Vet care will vary, so call the local vets in the area and ask them if they have a health plan. Many vets will have an annual plan that includes vaccinations, dental exams, Coggins test, and deworming. Vet health pPlans may run you over $450 per year Grooming supplies, blankets, and tack can also be pricey items and vary too much for me to give you a good estimate. There are great places online like,, and that have those types of items. Riding lessons are typically between $45/hr to $90/hr depending on the level of instruction or whether they are private or group lessons. If you're paying for trailering, figure at least $1/mi to the show and back. Show costs vary based on the discipline.

UMD has a great publication on keeping horses on a budget. Check it out!

Good luck and Happy Horsekeeping!