Leaf removal in winter

Asked December 27, 2016, 3:10 PM EST

I'm confused regarding leaf removal in winter, I have large trees surrounding my yard and lots of leaves in my garden beds. I have removed most from the lawn. But I don't mind them in dormant beds where nothing important is growing or going to grow. My concern is a vinca ground cover I transplanted 2 years ago under a large maple tree . Should I leave the leaves for nutrition and moisture retention or remove them for a little more sunlight? I want the vinca to grow and spread as rapidly as possible to cover the bear ground under the maple tree. Thank you, and happy new year

Frederick County Maryland

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A good question. You should remove the leaves from the area where the vinca is planted. Like you mentioned, it is fine to leave them in the beds where nothing is planted but they should be removed from on top of your groundcover. Too much leaf debris can promote diseases because the leaves keep the area wet and they can also smother the vinca.


Thank you for the rapid response. A few years ago I requested a visit by a person from the md extention office here in Frederick and wondered if that service is still offered. If so who do I contact ?

Typically, home visits are not conducted. But the following is the link to the Frederick County extension office website in case you want to contact someone there to ask,