what radius will pollinators travel to reach the next same plant?

Asked December 27, 2016, 12:39 PM EST

What online resource will describe how far pollinators will travel to reach another blooming plant? I recently bought a house for the first time. It was only grass from one end to the other. I planted a single apple and a single apricot tree, but I don't know if there are any other fruit trees "within range" so pollinators can make my trees bear fruit. A city could use vacant space to create small groves of various fruit trees that would assist homeowners in the area like me, but it would be important to know what range can be served. Encouraging the first homeowners could then extend the network of plants to reach outward even farther.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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A similar question to yours has been answered and the answer is applicable to your question.
"It sounds like your frees may not be getting pollinated well enough. While apricot trees are considered self-pollinating, it is often helpful to have multiple trees. I know you said that you have two, which should be enough, but more would be better. Since you have two, it is possible that you just don't have enough pollinating insects around to do the job. This could be due to pesticide applications or just a general lack of pollinators. If you don't use any pesticides, then I would suggest planting a variety of flowering plants to attract honey bees to the area. This should help with your pollination and fruit production.

-Jared Ripple jwripple@ag.tamu.edu"

For apple trees cross pollinators are always available in the city because crab apple trees are effective pollinators and they are very common. The usual guideline for a pollinator is a tree within 100 yards of the tree to be pollinated.

Many cities allow community gardens on vacant lots however how long the lot will remain vacant is often unknown so the commitment of planting a fruit tree is often impractical. I do like your idea and in my neighborhood the city has planted fruit trees on the boulevard.