Overwintering hosta's in a pot

Asked December 26, 2016, 9:00 PM EST

I moved on November 15 to a new house and dug up around 10 hosta's from my old house. Unfortunately I did not get them in the ground in Brooklyn Center before the ground froze. The hosta's are in pots in my garage that is somewhat insulated. I am looking for advice to keeping them viable until spring when I can plant them in the ground. They are reminders of my beloved 100 year old house in St Louis Park.

Hennepin County Minnesota hostas overwintering horticulture

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Overwintering perennials in pots can be a bit challenging. The challenging part is to keep the roots from freezing. To try overwintering your hostas, it would be best to keep them in an unheated garage with the temperature remaining slightly above freezing all winter. The protection from being inside the garage may be enough to keep the pot from freezing too hard and to protect the plants from alternate freezing and thawing. You will need to make sure the soil does not dry out completely, but do not keep the soil too wet or the roots could rot. Best wishes for successful overwintering of your hostas!