Symptoms management and treatment Blastocysis in backyard layers

Asked December 22, 2016, 2:15 PM EST

I am a retired poultry nutritionist in Georgia who got a call from Warren county Ky. It seems an elderly lady is infected with Blastocysis apparently from her chickens. What steps should be taken to manage, control. and treat to prevent more human infections? Thanks for your help..(

Gwinnett County Georgia

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There are few treatments for birds with protozoan infections. Coccidiostats may not be effective either for this disease. Test the well water since both birds and humans were infected. Be sure to clean, disinfect and let dry the area where birds are kept. If possible move birds to a new area of the farm that is dry. Keep wild birds from mingling with the poultry. Also always feed and water from equipment rather than from off the ground.

Thanks, G.