Ranch Inventory

Asked December 22, 2016, 12:49 PM EST

I am considering purchasing a property that includes a house, 20 acres of hay field, and the remaining land is scattered mesquite and oak with pasture areas. The property includes numerous tractors, cutters, mowers and ATVs along with tools and workshop equipment. My question is who is the best person to prepare an inventory of tractors, equipment and tools and document their condition? I am thinking a local auctioneer may be that person; however, there may be another person more suited for this task.

McLennan County Texas

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Yes, local auctioneer would be a person that is knowledgeable about this type of need.

A contact that comes to mind is Randy Solberg, 254.709.6338

Dr. Shane,

Thank you very mich for your timely response and referral. If we are sucessful in the purchase, I will update you.

Thanks again, Jim

okay, respond to s-mclellan@tamu.edu next time that way I wont have to log in to this system.