Replanting Moss

Asked December 20, 2016, 10:37 AM EST

A clumsy garden worker blew away much of my 15 year old moss garden with a leaf blower. I replaced as many patches as I could find and watered before the first freeze. I would like to identify the type of moss to aid in replanting in the Spring. I suppose I can just cut small plugs and fill in the bare spots. Is there a problem mixing different varieties of moss?

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

We were not able to identify your moss from the photos. There are moss id sites online as well as good sources in libraries to help you. It should be easier to id them when they are in full growth.

Cutting plugs to fill in the bare spots is the sensible approach. It will add to the interest of your moss garden if you mix moss species. The mosses themselves have no problem with mixing it up. What you'll discover is that some of the plugs will take and some will not, depending upon the cultural requirements of each species. There is a wide range of environments where moss are found. A patch of moss taken from a relatively sunny or wet area will not do as well in an environment preferred by another which tolerates/needs dry feet in the shade. If all the moss you are working with are from similar cultural sites, they should transplant successfully for the most part.