Building a greenhouse in East Texas

Asked December 20, 2016, 12:46 AM EST

What are good resources for designing a greenhouse in East Texas (Longview). I want a mid-range price option...nice but not crazy expensive. Which are the best of the "packaged" greenhouses. Are there websites or books with actual plans. Are there reasonably price architects for greenhouses. It is not going to be too large...about 10 X 10 or 12.

Gregg County Texas

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Hi Sue,

I'm clear across the country from you and, therefore, not familiar with your area and climate. I also generally work with commercial growers who are buying larger greenhouses or high tunnels from manufacturers such as Harnois, Rimol, Ledgewood, etc.

That said, the following may be helpful:

Know whether you are heating the greenhouse or not, and if so how much heat you need to add:

Video Series showing greenhouse and high tunnels in use by several VT growers:

This page has a number of Winter Growing Resources that I have compiled and includes a list of books which may be helpful to you:

There is also a collection of farm building plans called the Midwest Plans Service hosted at Iowa State. They have some greenhouse plans:

Greenhouse and Cold Frame:
Archroof Plastic Covered Greenhouse Moveable:
Variable Length Wood Framed:
TriPenta Greenhouse:
Wood Framed:

There are also a number of YouTube videos and other resources related to bent conduit or PVC tubing construction for greenhouses:

Hope this helps. Yes, you could also hire an architect, but would have to look around locally I think. You might also want to check around your area for a builder who has built a greenhouse and work through some designs with them.