Meyer Lemon

Asked December 19, 2016, 9:51 PM EST

Why is my Meyer lemon losing leaves? I repotted it with a non-soil potting mix. It's in a southern window and I only water it when dry. It had flowers when I bought it but they never produced fruit.

Washington County, Master Gardener

Washington County Oregon

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We'll start with the easy one: producing fruit. Flowers need to be pollinated and if your plant is indoors, it's likely their was no pollination. However, you can be the pollinator by taking a flower and rubbing it into other flowers to ensure pollination occurs.

For losing leaves, it may be the humidity in your home as during the winter the air in your house is very dry. You may need to mist your plant daily. Even the act of repotting may have shocked the plant. You didn't specify if the tree was outdoors during the summer and bringing it inside without conditioning can also shock the plant.

I did find this older article but did not find the updated version that was Meyer lemon-specific. It is recommended that you let the plant get colder (say ~50 F but still maintaining about 6 hours of sunlight) during winter. I found this other article that is close to your situation It may be that you will need to figure out what will make your tree thrive. Good luck!