wind damage to fig tree in a container.

Asked December 19, 2016, 4:08 PM EST

I've got a 2 year old fig tree in a container, called the Cape Brown Fig. Staying in Cape Town with lots of strong wind in summer. The wind damage most of the leaves, edges burnt & torn. Few leaves drop off, but there is small figs on the tree. Leaves turn yellow before they drop. Do I water the tree not enough & will the tree produce more !eaves? I did manage to make a cover to protect the tree from further wind damage.

Outside United States

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Please can you send some photos of the tree.
When did the leaves turn yellow and drop?
How often and how much do you water the tree?
What fertilizer do you give?

Hi Rob
Thanks for getting back to me about my fig tree in a container.
We had very strong wind this morning &:now it is raining (very glad, we've got level 3 water restrictions in Cape Town.) Couldn't take a pic of tree for you, (got fig tree in a shade cover for the wind). Will do as soon as possible & send you the pic & info.

You're welcome.
I am glad to see that it is raining back home. Hopefully the drought breaks and water restrictions are lifted soon.

Hi Rob

I've attached the pics of the fig tree & the fertilizer that I'm using.

I use the fertilizer once a month and water the fig tree when I see the ground is dry as I'm scared to give the fig tree too much water because I heard that a fig tree's roots can rot if it is planted in a container and gets too much water.

I don't know if perhaps I gave the tree too little water. The tree has lost four leaves & one little fig.

Do you think the tree will produce new leaves again because it looks like there are a couple of little figs that want to start growing?

I also give the fig tree Seagro organic plant food & spray Epsom salt water on the leaves occasionally.

Do you think I have to repot the fig tree in the near future or will it be OK the in pot for the next few years?



Hello Wilma

The top leaves are wind-damaged and the tree is not very vigorous. Does the tree receive much direct sun? It should receive direct sun but not cook in the corner of the patio.

Regarding watering, stick your finger into the soil before you water the tree. If it is only slightly moist to the touch, you should water more frequently.

Regarding fertilizer, try something with a formula high in Nitrogen, e.g. 4:1:5.
I can't see the pot, so can't really comment on that but the tree is not happy, so I would re-pot the plant and take the opportunity to look at the roots and the soil at the bottom of the pot. I would guess that the trees roots are not healthy and the bottom of the pot has sodden potting soil.