Angel's Trumpet Bush

Asked December 18, 2016, 12:50 PM EST

I have a well established vegetable garden, in my small back yard. I recently planted an Angel's Trumpet Bush, and it is thriving.....very beautiful......lots of flowers. I noticed that the Bees love the flowers.....the same bees that love my vegetables. I am aware that Bees that make honey, should not be around poisonous plants, because the honey they make, can also be poisonous. Can the same be true for garden vegetables? Is there any threat at all, by seeds blowing into my garden, or even the roots of the bush growing under my garden? Should I dig up the Angel's Trumpet, just to be on the safe side......can long term exposure cause health problems? Thanks for your expertise.

Harris County Texas

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Please contact the Extension Agent in your County for more information