problems with residual herbicides

Asked December 15, 2016, 10:28 AM EST

i am reading more and more articles about problems with the residual effects of herbicides like Grazon - it appears that the herbicide does not break down quickly and when manure or hay from fields/animals that have been exposed to this herbicide is used in gardens, it can create serious problems for some of the plants/vegetables exposed to it. for point of reference, here is one article from a source that i normally consider trustworthy. my question - in your experience, how real is this problem? how wide spread are reports of this problem that you are aware of ? I know that the label states - in small print - that the use of products and/or manure is to be avoided - but it a challenge in my opinion to track back to source the hay/manure a typical gardener applies to his garden, but the problem is very real for at least one gardener that i know of, but i do not know if they have done any lab testing to accurately identify Grazon as the source of the problem.
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Washington County Utah

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That is a legitimate concern for some areas. You would just need to do some investigating to see if your supplier uses any herbicides on the hay. Here is more info out of NC State University.