Fig Tree with yellowing leaves

Asked December 14, 2016, 11:32 AM EST

Hello - I have a fig tree indoors that is developing yellow leaves that fall off. The leaves that fall off are neither over wet or dry. The tree is about 6' tall and faces south while sitting in a 2x2 foot pot which is too small and will be changed to a larger pot. It has been watered at 1 gallon per week and then increased to 2 gallons when the leaves started to turn color. Some of the green leaves have a wax substance on them which I was told is to attract a pollinating insect. What is the correct soil to use for repotting, how often should it be fertilized and with what, is the exposure correct and is the watering too much or not enough. Thank You.

Kenosha County Wisconsin

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My first suggestion is to look at the leaves to detect if there is an insect problem such as a scale insect that is causing the leaves to yellow and drop prematurely. Look for tiny (1/4" or smaller) soft bodied insects or tiny plate-like scales.
Figs do well in typical potting soil in the pH range of 6.0 to 7.0. Full sun is best. Watering 2 or 3 times a week is generally typical, less in winter--but adjust the amount of water & frequency so that the top few inches of soil is just starting to feel a little dry (does not hold together in a ball) before you water again.
Fertilizing depends on the richness of your soil, the size of your pot and size of tree. If the leaves are pale, but no signs of scale insects can be seen, then up your current fertilizer dose by a 1/3 and wait to see if there is improvement of leaf color. You can send me pictures of the leaves and of the soil conditions to help with the advice I can provide