Mite ID

Asked December 14, 2016, 1:18 AM EST

I found this critter crawling across my daughter's pillow. She doesn't have any bug bites. It's about 1 mm. I'd like to identify it to figure out if we a problem or just a random critter. Thanks!

Kodiak Island Borough Alaska

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I received this information from our entomologist.

It's a mite!

I have no idea what kind. Sorry to not have more specific information.

There are a few possibilities. 1. Bird mites: possible if there has been a history of birds nesting in attic or eaves OR if birds are kept as pets in the home. 2. Scavenger mites: a broad term for a variety of mites, not uncommon in homes. 3. Grain or mold mites: usually found in places with high humidity or moisture issues, more common in bathrooms and kitchen/pantry areas, but could be in bedrooms under the right circumstances. 4. Other predatory mites: usually feeding on insects or other arthropods or rodents, not usually a problem for humans.

Most indoor mites are a nuisance more than a pest problem, but it all depends on the circumstances and getting a complete identification.