Fragrant weed appeared in garden

Asked December 13, 2016, 3:11 PM EST

What is the species of this interesting very fragrant branching weed that appeared in my garden? It appeared in summer and looked like this in December. I looked on all the internet weed guides and I could not find it. It has a sweet piney or fruity fragrance.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia invasive kochia weed

2 Responses

This may be kochia (Kochia scoparia ), though we cannot be sure based on the photos. It is also known as summer-cypress or mock cypress, which suggests a fragrance, though we did not find reference to fragrance.

Kochia is a weed that can be invasive, and it has reached Maryland. If your plant has seeds, we recommend that you cut and bag it carefully to catch all the seeds and dispose of it. It is an annual.

If more seedlings appear next summer, send us photos of it, including flowers, and we should be able to give you a better ID. You do not want birds eating these seeds and spreading them.


Please look at the weed gallery on our website, also. It is under "Problems".