Is there a master gardener or naturalist that is availble for onsite consultations?

Asked December 13, 2016, 2:41 PM EST

We recently moved to a home with 4 acres in Howard County. We have wildlife, a tiny stream, various trees, invasive plants, etc.. We want to learn more about what is native to the area and how best to tend our yard. I am curious if there is anyone we can contact for an at home consultation?

Howard County Maryland

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Congratulations! What a big adventure you have ahead.
One of the first steps is identifying what good native plants you already have and will want to save vs. invasive plants that need removal. We can help you identify your plants. Simply send us photos when the plants have leaves. Overall shots and close-ups of parts are helpful. Flowers and/or seeds/fruit/nuts, plus bark are also useful clues to identifying plants.

We do not have listings of people who would come to your home and identify the plants, however you may find Master Gardeners (an Extension program of trained volunteers) who may be willing to do so. To find out, contact the Master Gardener program in your county: You can also try contacting the Master Naturalists (a similar program):

There is a lot of helpful information about native plants, landscaping, and sources for native plants on our website. Look in the "Earth Friendly" and "Plants" sections.