Lost its plumpness

Asked December 12, 2016, 8:41 PM EST

My aloe plant went flat it seem like all aloe in it has drains out ,it was all over the table it was on what would cause this to happen , it's just laying there all flat

Wayne County Michigan

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I'm not sure if you are saying the plant is collapsed or the liquid in the interior has drained out, "all over the table,"

If the plant collapsed, it could be due to a root rot from too much water or root damage from over-fertilization. The roots can no longer pull in moisture and the plant has lost turgor which is the internal plant pressure. Aloes need to be in a pot with a drain hole in sandy, cactus/succulent mix and be watered and allowed to dry out. They need bright light, like a south or west window exposure.

An aloe could collapse if it got frozen or exposed to extremely cold temperatures even for a short time. The cell walls explode and that can cause a collapse.

I have never heard of the liquid in a plant running out, if that's what you meant. The liquid inside the plant is in jelly form so it could not run out.

But if the plant has collapsed, there is nothing you can do but examine care and see what happened. Look at roots and see if the are brown and withered.